Trapper Nicks Wildlife Control
Coyote Trapping
Check to see if your village has a coyote trapping program established in your
town .  Coyote control is a big issue with the population on the rise growing  issues
with coyote will continue to escalate . Illinois Coyote have no known predators
except Trapper Nicks Wildlife Control. Controlling Coyote by trapping is one
method that can be safe if the nuisance  trapping professional is knowledgeable
and aware of all possibilities. Most active at Dawn or dusk, in some regions
coyotes are strictly nocturnal . November is usually the month when coyotes will
pack up to take larger game to survive the long winter.

Coyote breed once a year in January through February with  Litters of 2 to 4 .  
They can have  2 to 17 pups in a litter . A coyote is the only animal that will
produce a greater litter if  a  large population is not present . Packs of coyotes
defend an area 2 to 8 miles scent marking boundaries with urine. We do have
trapping programs available for towns an villages . If you are planning to have a
coyote trapping program in your village please be discrete . If you have questions
about this program give us a call. We can also attend town meetings or give talks.
Nuisance Coyote are often heard howling and barking when they make a kill  or
when a siren is heard . Pets can be in danger if they go unleashed in places
where coyote are known to be  
Trapper Nicks Wildlife Control receives hundreds of calls each year pertaining to nuisance wildlife. Nuisance
wildlife complaints are referred to Me by county wildlife and rescue services as well as the State of Illinois Dept. of
Natural Resources, County Sheriffs Departments and Local Police and Law Enforcement. The Illinois Department
of Conservation, IL State, County and Humane services and Living With Wildlife, Extension service also refer
nuisance complaints including Raccoon, Skunk, Chipmunk, Beaver, Muskrat and Squirrel. Trapper Nick will
provide Tinley Park IL Raccoon removal, Frankfort IL Chipmunk removal, Cook County animal control and capture
nuisance animals. Matteson Skunk following complaints referred by Cook County IL  Animal Control. Woodchuck,
Woodpecker, Muskrat and Bat complaints come from Oak Lawn, Palos Park, Oak Forest, and Midlothian . Calls
are directed to Trapper Nicks Wildlife Control from Will County IL Animal Control. Coyote, Deer, Opossum,
Squirrel, Rabbit, and Bird calls come to our Tinley Park Office from Lemont, Homer Glen, Lockport, Mokena,
Palos Heights, Palos Park, Orland Hills  as well as Orland Park. Beta Pest Control  and Will County Animal Control
and Northern Kankakee County Animal Control contact  Trapper Nick  for trapping, relocation or rescue services.
Animal damage repairs are provided for residents after performing animal removal in Frankfort Square, Frankfort,
Homer Glen, Orland Park, Palos Hills or any Will or Cook county suburban location. Flossmoor, Olympia Fields ,
Matteson and Chicago Heights raccoon removal is also provided. Green Gardens, Monee, Peotone, Manhattan,
Kankakee, Sauk Village and Crete are also in Will County.     Animal Control Is provided for the Will County and
Cook County residents in Matteson, Olympia Fields, Homewood, and Glenwood. AnimalControl and Wildlife
removal for Tinley Park, Oak Forest, Midlothian, Palos Park, and Palos Hills. Including Coyote, Beaver, and
Muskrat removal work based from Tinley Park office. Numerous confirmed cases of Rabid Bats have been
reported in Orland Park, Oak Lawn,  andHomer Glen, Illinois. Rabies can be Transmitted to other mammals and
humans. Do not attempt to capture wild animals yourself.    To be successful with wildlife removal or eviction the
animal control operator must place the trap or barrier in or on the targeted animalstravel way. Dealing with wildlife
and the public, humane practices are mandatory. Most Illinois wildlife removal services use a variety of pest
control live trapping techniques for raccoon removal, skunk removal, and chipmunk removal. Living with wildlife in
Illinois is an extensionof suburban life. Wildlife animals may become a nuisance problem nuisance problem
affecting health and property.  Chicago Illinois particularlythe suburban collar counties in southern cook county
have more suitable habitat for wildlife than the city of Chicago, Skunk control and Beaver trapper request are in
demand. Wildlife management can include capture and relocation, as these are proven humane solutions to
nuisance wildlife problems. Many Illinois pests control noxious weeds and insects. Rodent populations may benefit
from predator control. Alway hire a licensed and insured wildlife trapper to work on your home, residence,
association, etc.